Report Citation:

The Research Group, LLC.
Fishing Industry Economic Activity Trends in the Newport, Oregon Area
Update 2019 Technical Report.

Prepared for
Midwater Trawlers Cooperative and Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.
June 2021.

The report was prepared by The Research Group, LLC (TRG), Corvallis, Oregon. Shannon Davis was the lead author who was greatly assisted by Kari Olsen. The author and not the sponsors is solely responsible for analysis methods, interpretations, and conclusions. The author draws upon past TRG project reports extensively and advances material in a paraphrasing and non-attributed writing style for readability reasons. When other reports are referenced, full citations are included in a bibliography chapter.

Media Items:

News Release – Nov 11, 2021
Report: Fishing puts $346 million into local economy

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Industry Sources:

Looking for more information about commercial or recreational fishing? Here are a few sources with unique perspectives on the industry.

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative
Heather Mann, Executive Director

Lincoln County Commissioner Kaety Jacobson

Newport Fishermen’s Wives

Port of Newport
Paula Miranda, General Manager

Port of Toledo
Debbie Scacco, Port Manager

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission
Tim Novotny, Executive Director

Oregon Trawl Commission
Yelena Nowak, Director