Fast Facts

By the Numbers: Vessels, Deliveries, and More!

  • 331 commercial fishing vessels that made 4,788 deliveries in the Newport Area in 2019 (some of the Depoe Bay and Alsea Bay vessels also delivered at Yaquina Bay):
    • 311 delivered at Yaquina Bay
    • 19 delivered at Depoe Bay
    • 11 delivered at Alsea Bay
  • 264 would be defined as homeport vessels
  • 87 of the unique vessels made deliveries worth at least $250 thousand in 2019
  • $186,000: Average revenue per vessel making deliveries of $500 or more in 2019
  • 48 feet was the average length for vessels in 2019
  • 40% of vessels are longer than or equal to 50 feet. Some participate in distant water fisheries
  • 35 vessels use Yaquina Bay for moorage, repairs, and provisioning, but do not make deliveries locally
Harvest Value by Fishery in 2019
Harvest Volume & Value Trends in 1991-2019
“Newport has always been very fishing-oriented but more than ever we are becoming the only authentic working waterfront. This area is a one-stop shop for all you need, with three shipyards in Lincoln County, multiple gear and marine supply shops, a net shop, and several seafood processors.”

— Executive Director Heather Mann, Midwater Trawlers Cooperative

Onshore & Offshore Trends 2002-2019

By the Dollars: Income, Output, and Jobs!

  • Economic contributions from the commercial fishing industry in 2019 are estimated to be $155 million income, about 3,300 jobs, and $328 million output in the local economy.
  • Economic contributions from marine recreational fishing (includes finfish and ocean and bay crabbing and clamming) in 2019 was $21 million income, 444 jobs, and $57 million output.
  • The same commercial and recreational fisheries economic contributions measured at the state level economy is $245 million income in 2019.