“Unlike a lot of other economic data, commercial fishing data can change rapidly from year to year and especially in a five-year or more period. Changing regulations, changing ocean conditions, a lost market, and many other variables can drastically shift catch rates and price. Having updated information allows us and the community to better understand where the industry is at and what it is currently facing.”

— Lincoln County Commissioner Kaety Jacobson

This report and its findings are being made available so that other agencies and organizations can make use of this informative data in ways that may benefit the local region. Below are several downloadable documents.

Who might find this information useful and why?

  • Local economic developers, for use in attracting new investment
  • Ports, as they pursue grant funding for facility improvement
  • Legislators, in their effort to justify appropriations for the area
  • Banks and lenders, as they evaluate lending opportunities
  • City and County government, to support decision making and investment
  • Seafood processors and fishing-related businesses, in their efforts to grow

Download these documents:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Here you can find the primary takeaways from the economic report presented in an easily-shared and accessible manner.

FULL TECHNICAL REPORT: This document contains all of the findings, including a variety of charts and tables that provide an historic look at the trends, as well as up-to-date information.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: Here you will find slides in both PowerPoint format, as well as in a PDF, to assist those who want to share the top-line data with others.

INFOGRAPHIC: Here is a downloadable infographic highlighting some of the report’s findings and ready to share.

Executive Summary

Other Industry Reports:

When possible, we will share other reports highlighting the economic impacts of commercial fishing. The following are available for download:



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