Fishing Industry & Economic Activity

Capturing the complete picture of how commercial and recreational fishing impacts the economy of Newport, Oregon and Lincoln County, Oregon is the subject of this independent research study completed by The Research Group LLC of Corvallis, Oregon.

Home to the largest commercial fishing fleet and the most active recreational marina on the Oregon Coast, Fishing Industry Economic Activity Trends in the Newport, Oregon Area (June, 2021) outlines the total economic contribution that comes from direct income, as well as the contributions of marine-related businesses and activities. All total, researchers estimate that commercial and recreational fishing contributed $346 million to the regional economy in 2019.

This report was commissioned by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners and Midwater Trawlers Cooperative.

Kaety Jacobson
“The commercial fishing industry, which is our first largest earned income sector, is largely invisible to the community. Understanding the numbers helps people realize what it is worth and how its worth benefits our community.”

— Lincoln County Commissioner Kaety Jacobson

Kaety Jacobson

“Commercial and recreational fishing industries contribute so much to our local economy and that goes beyond the immediate participants. Commercial fishing dollars turn over multiple times in the community and the number of jobs related to fishing continues to grow.”

— Executive Director Heather Mann, Midwater Trawlers Cooperative

Executive Summary & Technical Report

Within the executive summary and full technical report, find research and data for the following sectors:

Commercial Fishing

Related & Connected Industries

Recreational Fishing